3D Sound-Interactive Christmas Tree Holiday Decoration w/ 55 Animation Modes!

Capture the wonder, beauty, and joy of Christmas with our newest creation! This magical artistic PCBoard Art is designed and made by the husband and wife team at HVR-TEK.

  • FIFTY-FIVE Amazing Light Animation Modes give you variety for every occasion — Click HERE to see a video of all 55 modes
  • Many modes are Sound-Interactive, creating a beautiful visual experience using on-board microphone
  • Works great with or without your background holiday music playing
  • Many Modes include 3 levels of brightness for any room setting
  • Mode Varieties include: festive, active, decorative, creative, mellow, twinkle, animated, and static
  • Unobtrusive 3D design with 56 bright LEDs can be seen from any angle, anywhere in your room
  • Stands upright without any mounting necessary and easy to move to different locations
  • Unique gift for: Dad at work, Mom in kitchen, Student at college, Grandma in her rocker, Winter Wonderland/village, Someone who has everything
  • Great for family celebrations, parties, holiday decorations, desk ornament, night-light, relaxing/soothing time
  • Brilliantly designed to provide hours of festive ambiance and entertainment for your whole home, for many years to come
  • Powers from any standard Micro-USB power adapter
  • Easy to use Mode button: Quick-tap to change mode. Hold for 2 seconds to power off. Hold for 4 seconds for demo mode
  • Proudly designed, assembled, sold, and shipped in the USA!
  • Measures 3.9” x 3.0” x 1.7”. Weighs 0.9oz
  • Ships USPS First Class.
  • Technical: 57dBA SNR MEMS, LM358 Op Amp, 3v3 Voltage Regulator, Fuse, and ATtiny1614 running at 20 MHz with 16kB entirely Custom-Written Firmware including Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) 128 sound samples up to 20kHz, Charlie-Plexing all 56 LEDs @ 2.6ms refresh, Capacative Touch Sensor polled at 62.5ms, EEPROM for mode/state storage, sleep-mode, debugging/programming, and multiple timers with interrupts for timing
  • Note: not for children, does not play music, does not record anything, does not include/require batteries

“The Perfect Gift!”

– Dorothy, Connecticut

Our 3D Christmas Tree Gift Box includes:

  • Professionally Assembled and Tested Christmas Tree
  • Micro-USB Power Adapter (for US)
  • Beautiful Gift-Ready Black Box

SALE: 39.95! (Reg: $49.95)

Rather assemble it yourself?

Our Kit Option includes the Christmas Tree PCBoard (with all electrical components already pre-mounted) and two 90-degree headers. Just break apart the two sides from the main board and solder them to the main board using the two included 90-degree headers. Kit does not include Micro-USB Power Supply.

Kit assembly instructions:

  1. Easily/gently crack off the top-left and top-right “wings” (they may arrive separated).
  2. Insert the long-side of each of the 4-pin 90-degree 2.54mm headers (the side without plastic) into the holes on the front of each of the two side wings (the front side of each wing has the LEDs).
  3. Solder these 4 header pins, which are protruding through to the back of each wing.
  4. Trim the remaining portion of each header’s long pins from the back of the wings.
  5. Solder both wings to the front of the main board. Start by soldering just ONE PIN of the 4-pin headers first. Then, as necessary, heat that single pin again to adjust the 3D angle so the first wing protrudes straight out (90-degrees from main board) and the top of the wing is against the top of the main board, leaving any gap at the bottom. Then repeat with the second wing, also protruding from the front of the main board, back-to-back with the first wing.
  6. Once you have the angle correct, then solder the remaining 3 pins for each wing.

KIT OPTION: $19.95

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