10 Break-Apart SMT to DIP Adapters w/ 2.54mm Solder Pads (SMD Adapter)

Mini-Pak of 10 Break-Apart Adapters for SMT to 2.54mm Breadboard.  Part #: MPK-SMT2DIP1c-PCB

These 10 adapters provide the 13 most popular SMD/SMT component sizes, routed to 2.54mm/0.1” (standard spacing) header solder pads for use in breadboarding SMT devices.  GREATLY simplifies soldering of TINY SMD components for your own circuit design/prototyping. See photos of examples.

Includes sizes:

  • 0402 (3-on-1 board)
  • 0603 (3-on-1 board)
  • 0805 (3-on-1 board)
  • 1206 (3-on-1 board)
  • SOD-123
  • SOT-223
  • SOT-23(3)/SOT-323 (2-on-1 board)
  • SOT-23-6
  • SOT-363
  • SOIC-8/SOIC-14/16/TSSOP-14 (3-on-1 board)


  • Easily/gently break apart the adapters with pliers.  See photos of examples.
  • Each pin of the SMT device is pre-wired/routed/etched on-board to the corresponding 2.54mm header pads. SOIC-8/SOIC-14/16/TSSOP-14 board has all 3 types wired together to the DIP pins so you can use any of the 3 types. The Thermal Pad (which is often used as GND also) is wired to the unused DIP pin 11.
  • Each pad is already pre-coated with a small amount of solder during the manufacturing process.
  • Board is black, with silver pads, increasing visibility while manipulating small SMT devices
  • Board includes solder mask to prevent solder from flowing easily between pads
  • Allows SMT devices to be soldered to the top, then header-pins attached through the bottom and soldered on top.
  • When soldering header pins, attach just one and modify/correct 90-degree alignment first – then solder the rest of the pins.
  • Dimensions of entire board (containing 10 mini adapter boards) is 49.3mm x 27.0mm

Does not include any SMT components, as shown in example photos. Condition is “New”. Shipped with USPS First Class.

$1.99 each

USA Shipping!

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